The Legal Logistics of Moving to Florida: Behind the Scenes at K&A

Friday, May 1, 2015

It’s been a big year for the K&A team. We’ve gone through a lot of changes over the past few months, and we’ve been working on something very exciting behind the scenes.

You already know the Sarasota area is a vibrant place to live with plenty to offer the business and residential communities — it’s probably why you live here yourself! The appeal is spreading, and families from all over the world are relocating to our gem on the Gulf Coast.


Did you know that Florida is the third most popular destination for families looking to relocate from the UK? The Sunshine State falls just behind Spain and France. This influx of activity is great for our local economy — new residents are excited to buy real estate, experience new restaurants and activities in town, and contribute to the small business community by running one of their own. Plus, the diversity that immigration brings to our area makes it even more interesting and rewarding to live here.

Legal Logistics: How we're helping families relocate to Florida


To date, Jo Ann and the team have worked with nearly a thousand families to help them through the legal logistics of moving their lives to the Sarasota area. Recently, we decided to do more to help support this growth. Jo Ann has become more active abroad in an effort to meet families before they are ready to move — this helps them feel more confident about the process, and take the necessary steps to secure all the legal documents and permissions to relocate. Next week, she's traveling to London for A Place in the Sun Live. This is a huge event that connects UK families wishing to relocate with the people and resources necessary to make it happen.


Though our focus right now is on families moving from the UK, we have the expertise and resources available to support anyone relocating to the Sarasota area. The K&A team is focused on facilitating the legal logistics of a major relocation, including:


  • Prepare and review all legal documents related to real estate and business transactions
  • Advise on types of insurance required to maintain a residence or business in Florida
  • Advise on tax concerns, real estate holding concerns, and financing options
  • Coordinate with a business broker and advise on all legal aspects of purchasing and running a business, if applicable


It’s important to us that we serve relocating families in a comprehensive way. This means connecting our clients to other professionals we trust, such as real estate agents and financial advisors. It means providing resources about running a business, paying taxes, establishing residency, and otherwise adjusting to life in their new home.


You can learn more about what we’re doing to help families relocate to Florida at:


Do you have a friend or family member who is considering a move to Florida? Introduce them to the K&A team! We like to be involved as early in the process as possible so we can support them thoroughly and efficiently.


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