Homesteading, tax deadlines, business interest deductions and more!

March 27, 2019

Stay on Top Of Your Personal and Business Filing Dates for 2019

4/1.......... Florida Tangible Personal Property tax is due

4/15.......... Individual Tax Returns are due

4/15.......... C- Corp  & Trust Tax Returns are due .

4/15......... SEP & IRA Contributions are due

4/15.......... Foreign Bank Account Report due (FBAR)

5/1.......... Florida Business Annual Reports are due

Attorney Jo Ann Koontz Explains Why FLORIDA’S Homestead is a Must

By qualifying for the Florida homestead exemption, a homeowner becomes eligible to receive numerous tax benefits, the most common of which are the reduction of the property’s taxable value by as much as $50,000 and a cap on the yearly increase of the property’s assessed value. These, and other benefits, result in substantial tax savings to the homeowner. 


Interesting Facts on the Ability of a Business to Deduct its Interest Expenses

This recent round of tax reform offered no shortage of breaks for businesses and business owners. There was, of course, some bad news within the Act as well.


Kudos to Us

Marina Parkin has been our amazing accountant for several years.  When we met her she promptly fixed a mistake that our previous accountant had made and she has been there for us every step of the way.  We are a technology-based company and we manage all of our processes through email and other Internet tools. Marina replies to every email and concern promptly, professionally and with helpful information every time, which is not common for accounting nor law firms. She takes the time to personally meet with us whenever we need her. Even when we ask her to help us with things that we have to do ourselves, she always points us in the right direction.

Having an accountant who is on top of things and connected through technology has been such a relief, especially since our Agency has grown so much in the last few years and she has helped us to stay fully compliant throughout our growth. Her office building is clean, professional and well decorated and her staff promptly answer our every phone call and email professionally and in a helpful manner every time. One thing that separates Marina from other accountants that we have dealt with is that she is always thinking about the future and next steps to avoid problems, save money and prepare for the next step in our company's growth. We are fortunate to have found Koontz & Parkin, CPAs.

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