Realtors® COVID-19 Disaster Relief Programs

Wednesday, April 8, 2020



Enjoy the full webinar or use the timestamps below to jump to the section that is most relevant to you. We start by talking about collections from the IRS and their suspension of collections from IRS with respect to stimulus checks.

2:54 Active 401(k) and IRA Withdrawl

3:45 Filing for unemployment while closing on a home.

6:34 Donations as deductions

7:05 Net Operating Lose as a Deduction

11:08 Programs Now Available 3 Program

11:45 All About PPP

13:20 How to Apply for PPP

16:36 What can the loan be used for?

19:50 Paying yourself with PPP. Income vs Commission

27:11 PPP as a real estate team (including example).

32:00 What to do if no business bank account?

33:48 Where to find average growth income and gross commission.

37:15 Forgiveness and filing as independent contractor or self employed 

39:50 EIDL What is it and should you apply and how to apply?

45:00 New business owners and PPP

46:20 Florida Bridge Loan

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