EIDL Loan Application Process for Individuals, Small Businesses and Realtors®

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

1:20 Where to file

3:31 Step 1: Business Questions: Getting started

5:18 Step 2: Attestations

6:05 Step 3: Business Information

8:35 Step 4: Gross Revenue for the 12 month period before the disaster

12:40 Step 5: Business Location Information

12:50 Step 6 Business Entity Dates and Information

16:45 Step 7 Individual Owner/Agent(s) Information

20:02 Step 8 and 9 Personal ID Info for US Citizens and Non-US Citizens

22:22 Step 10 Criminal activity?

23:00 Step 11 If information of anyone that helped complete the form.

24:05 Step 12 Distribution information

24:58 Step 13 Authorizations

26:50 Certain requirements that have been relaxed.


27:45 Entered wrong info? Can I amend my application?

29:05 What should the funds from this loan be used for? Real Estate agents with customers canceling closings and purchases.

32:35 What if I have multiple businesses?

35:35 When does the loan have to be paid back?

36:30 What if I applied for other loans already?

38:02 How do you determine loan amount?

39:35 How do we sign up for future webinar?

41:19 Where do I put my operating expenses?

45:02 Can EIDL be used for payroll?

46:43 What are included in operating expenses?

48:26 Relationship between EIDL and unemployment.

49:44 How to show how money was spent?

51:50 Rapid Fire Q&A and where to find more info.

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