Payroll Tax Credit, Deferrals, IRA Planning & PPP Stimulus Funding

Thursday, April 23, 2020

5:00 - PPP refresher and documents to submit

6:25 - If my payroll is small because I've only taken reasonable payroll, how much can I apply for? Why am I only applying for a small amount?

10:30 - Payroll tax deferment.

15:29 - Employee retention tax credit.

21:30 - Discussion about separate bank account for new funds.

23:35 - IRA provisions. Discussion about IRA funds as a resource or not.

33:33 - Discussion on converting IRA to ROTH IRA.

40:55 - Foreign tax credit: Carry forward carry back tax.

44:30 - Get paperwork ready for PPP application now. If already submitted, should I try to submit other places?

49:38 - Fixing applications if you made an error on application.

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