PPP Loan, Schedule C and S Corporation Applications

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

1:00 PPP Loan Update: New approval of funds and overview. What is this loan and new funding for?

2:12 How does payroll work for independent contractors?

6:10 Clearing confusion on S-Corp and Schedule C.

12:19 If I have an application with a bank, should I apply somewhere as well? Credit Unions, small banks and Paypal. Receiving status updates on applications.

14:40 Will there be a merging of PPP and EIDL loans?

15:42 Debt forgiveness for self employed.

19:44 Use of PPP for employees and the number of employees you currently have.

23:30 Using the PPP to fund SEP and other benefits?

27:10 PPP Received but no payroll. Should you setup payroll if you currently do not?

31:50 How does this disaster relief reflect how my business is setup as Schedule C or S-Corp?

36:11 2nd wave of funding and how banks prioritize applications.

40:13 EIDL Program Update and using the fund.

44:45 EIDL Grant portion and the rest of the loan.

46:25 Sarasota County Loan.

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