How to Move Your Business Forward During COVID-19

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Jo Ann Koontz (Koontz & Associates, PL) and Whitney Harper (ADVOS Legal) discuss the strategy behind moving your business forward during COVID-19. When unexpected situations effect your business, there are actions that can be taken to embrace opportunity and grow your business. Jo Ann and Whitney discuss how changing management technique and seeing eye-to-eye with employees can increase productivity and efficiency.
3:20 Introducing Whitney Haper and working with growth stage clients.
5:57 Identifying flexibility. How to manage your business when opportunities force you to pivot.
7:02 How has COVID forced your clients to be more flexible in their business?
9:22 Coping with management and employee role change and becoming more productive, efficient and safe.
17:16 How to accommodate employees that don't feel comfortable back in the office.
24:39 Hiring during and after COVID
29:37 What happens if an employee tests positive? How to treat employees and how to bring employees back safely.
39:45 Protecting employees by treating everyone equally.
43:36 Takeaway - Running a business and growing a business is not an individual effort. Understanding the benefits of expanding your "mastermind group". Don't be afraid to have conversations with advisors.
Koontz & Associates, PL | Jo Ann Koontz
ADVOS Legal | Whitney Harper
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