Tax Impact of Purchasing a Business

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Marina Parkin (Koontz & Parkin, CPAs) and Jackie Durham (Koontz & Associates, PL) discuss the details and importance of your due diligence when purchasing a business. Make sure the details and numbers of the business you're buying are sound so that you start off on the right foot as a business owner. Are you buying the assets of a business or the stock of a business? How will you form your new entity? What is your tax obligation when buying the business? How will you compensate yourself and employees after the purchase?

2:42 Purchasing the assets of a business. Forming an new entity: What type of entity am I forming? What types of assets am I buying? How does allocating assets affect my taxes? 9:50 Asset allocation agreement.

12:25 What does an asset allocation agreement contain?

16:27 Purchasing the stock of a business.

18:35 Allocation of income - Due diligence.

25:40 Legal implication of allocation of income when closing on a business.

28:20 CPA and attorney role to evaluate accuracy of numbers on documents and trends.

40:42 Importance of avoiding co-mingling of funds.

41:40 Paying yourself as business owner, managing payroll and compensating experienced employees.

50:30 Tracking the cost of the purchase of business when purchasing stock.

52:30 Local tax consideration when buying a business. Your responsibility for previous owner tax obligation.

55:51 Certificate of Compliance vs Tax Clearance Letter.

56:50 Sales tax and exemptions when buying business assets.

1:00:50 Examining sellers series of sales.

1:01:33 Doc stamp consideration.

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