Difference Between Independent Contractors and Employees

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Jo Ann Koontz and Jackie Durham host attorney Whitney Harper (ADVOS Legal) to talk about the difference between independent contractors and employees. Misclassifying your employees and contractors will likely cause legal and tax issues for your business. Listen to Jo Ann, Jackie and Whitney discuss why many business owners will run into trouble and how they can fix issues with the treatment of their employees and independent contractors.

2:41 The non-existent 1099 employee and the mistakes you might be making if you think you have a 1099 employee.

6:00 Tax consequences, wage claims and compliance issues if you refer to employees as 1099. The Department of Labor needs to know if your employees or contractors are paid appropriately.

8:30 State taxing authorities and the importance of collecting payroll taxes.

10:40 Broadly speaking on, "What is an employee?" Assessing the spectrum of risk to reward for you and your employees.

13:53 Labor classification tests.

18:48 Different ways to handle payment between contractors.

23:24 When employee asks for more flexibility or sets own hours, should they still be employees?

25:35 Issues with paying employees based on commission only.

27:11 What happens when employees prefer to be 1099?

30:52 Five ways to protect yourself as a business owner: Counsel, Caution, Contract, Consistency, Clarity

39:58 Getting up to speed on classifying employees.

42:25 How consultants on retainer can protect themselves.

50:25 Am I required to provide workers comp for independent contractors?



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