Get More Sales with John Seiffer - Part 1

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

John Seiffer, CEO Bootcamp, introduces the Buyer's Journey of a customer to help you identify how you should engage with your next customer. Watch this video to learn what questions to ask about your sales process, how to create personas and the steps to get new customers in the sales cycle of the Buyer's Journey.

0:50 Developing a sales process.

2:12 Build a profitable company even if you hate to sell.

3:08 The Buyer's Journey: Creating a customer.

5:19 Seller's dance with the Buyers .

10:30 Questions to answer about your sales process.

11:40 Who are the people at the first stage of the Buyer's Journey?

14:22 Creating personas.

17:55 What would these personas pay for my product?

23:01 How to reach people and attract people in the curious stage of the Buyer's Journey?

27:12 Make plans during CEO time and execute plans during sales time.

28:23 Action Items.



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