Documentary Stamp Tax Considerations

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Jo Ann Koontz and Jackie Durham talk documentary stamp tax. What are doc stamps? Why do they exist in Florida? Can they be avoided? Learning about documentary stamp tax will help you prepare for your next real estate transaction. Don't be caught off guard and don't don't try to run. Instead, be informed and prepared to include them in your closing costs.

1:26 Complications of quit claim deed.

2:17 What are doc stamps?

5:03 When do you pay documentary stamp tax?

5:53 Details of documentary stamp tax.

7:45 Cost expectations of quit claim deed.

12:48 Assignment of leases.

14:09 Exemptions from doc stamps.

15:01 Transfer of ownership and doc stamps.

22:10 You can't hide from Department of Revenue.

23:03 Dealing with doc stamps after transaction.

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