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There’s a problem in the business community today. Too often, professional service providers take a one-size-fits-all approach to client work rather than taking the time to find the most productive and effective solution.

Imagine finding an attorney who knows you personally: one who understands your family issues, knows the financial struggles you encounter, and realizes how the decisions you make today can affect your life tomorrow.

Imagine feeling informed and confident about your legal options, rather than being rushed through a meeting and feeling like a decision was made on your behalf — a decision that you don’t fully understand.

The K&A Way

At Koontz & Associates we believe that counseling an isolated issue, without consideration for other areas of your life, can lead to unexpected complications down the road.

We believe individuals and businesses in a community should work together to help each other thrive and grow.

We believe that by making the complex legal system feel more accessible we can help our clients make productive, informed decisions in business and life.

The K&A team takes a holistic approach to legal services. By focusing on business, real estate, and tax law, we have the knowledge and context to see the bigger picture and help you evaluate every step you take.

We measure our success based on the relationships we build with our clients, not the billable hours we generate. You won’t find a waiting room full of clients at the K&A office: we work with fewer clients on purpose so we can take the time to develop a long-term partnership. We’re committed to serving you in all areas of your life and business — and if you need something we don’t offer, we’ll connect you with a resource that can help.

We’re here for you — as your attorney, your partner, and your neighbor.

Get to know your legal team below. If you have questions or want to schedule a meeting, you can request a consult.

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