Benefits of Working with a Real Estate Attorney

Speak to a real estate attorney at the beginning of your home hunt. An attorney is as beneficial as a Realtor in the process of buying or selling property. It is important to know that real estate agents and attorneys are equal partners in a search for property. The relationship is symbiotic and will ultimately save you money, heartache and headache by uncovering unexpected issues as early as possible.

Your real estate attorney will review documents pertaining to your loan, land survey, title and other documents. These can be complicated and, if not carefully reviewed, may end up costing you more than you ever thought.

If you're in a situation in which you have to walk away from a sale or purchase of a house, your money will be left on the table. An attorney will have the best chance of getting it back for you or keeping you from losing more.

Working with a real estate attorney that offers title insurance will save time. Your attorney only benefits from the sale of title insurance because they know you are properly covered. Before the sale of insurance, your attorney will provide a title search to make sure the property you are buying is clean.

Finally, you will have peace-of-mind when you work with your real estate attorney. You will know for sure the property you are buying will be rightfully yours.

Don't wait to contact an attorney. Contact Jo Ann Koontz at the beginning of your home hunt or the sale of your home.

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