Business Diagnostics

You’re an expert in your business. But the legal logistics of running a business? If you wanted to focus on that, you would have become an attorney. Luckily for you, that’s exactly what we did.

Your business operations serve as the heartbeat of your company. It’s important to check in and make sure you’re running as efficiently (and legally) as possible. When you meet with the team at Koontz & Associates, we’ll help you identify areas where you can strengthen your business. Here are some items we might address together:

  • Business structure — Your business entity type (ie. LLC or corporation) makes a big difference in the way money flows and how you’re required to pay your taxes
  • Tax structure
  • Ownership type (ie. individual or trust) — This could have an effect on your claims to business assets, the way the business is legally allowed to operate, and more
  • Goals & objectives — If you’re building your business to sell it, you should treat it differently than a business you plan to pass on to family or friends as a legacy
  • Operating and shareholders agreements — If you don’t clearly define expectations for your business, you could lose control over the decisions made down the road

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