Buying Property in Florida

Foreign Buyers: A foreign purchaser of real property should also consider the benefits of different forms of real estate holding. There are varying income and estate tax consequences for foreign individuals and foreign-owned business entities holding, renting, transferring and devising U.S. real estate. These consequences depend on a number of factors, including titling of the property, the domicile of the owner, value of the property, and the income produced from the property. Each owner's circumstances and goals should be evaluated to determine the most beneficial way to take title to real property.

In addition to real estate transactions, we assist with the following residential and commercial real estate issues:

  • Lease Agreement and Negotiations
  • Easements
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Planning for Vesting/Titling of Property
  • Obtaining Necessary Tax ID Numbers
  • Compliance with Local Laws/Licensing Requirements
  • FIRPTA Planning and Compliance

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