Tax Planning for Your Real Estate

If you’ve ever had the experience of looking at your tax bill and getting frustrated, you’re not alone. Today, thousands of property owners wish they could find ways to lower their tax bills. Luckily, because there are many tax breaks available to real estate investors and private property holders, there is typically a way for most people to do this. The trouble, however, arises because people don’t know which breaks apply to them and how best to access the loopholes they’re interested in. 

That’s where our tax planning law firm comes in.

Here at Koontz & Associates, our team prides itself on offering the authoritative, common-sense real estate tax advice you need to plan effectively for your estate. Our firm has extensive experience with both income and real estate tax issues. Not only have we worked with many Section 467 cases, but we believe deeply in our ability to identify and anticipate tax problems before they arise, thereby saving you time, money, and trouble, and streamlining your tax season every season. 

Whether you want to save money, optimize your returns, or ensure you're not paying more than you should, our team is here to help. 

Real Estate Tax Planning

Any time you buy or sell real property, you’re sure to face tax implications. Because of this, it’s critical to plan for those tax implications before you start moving your real estate around. If you don’t, you could face significant and unexpected tax implications. 

By analyzing your real estate transactions thoroughly, you can ensure your financial planning remains accurate and on-point, and that you’re not inadvertently releasing unintended consequences. Here at Koontz & Associates, our team will help you understand the tax implications of your real property, your capital assets, and more. 

If you sell real property as a part of your business, our real estate attorneys will help you understand ordinary gain or loss and implement effective planning strategies that will be most beneficial to you. 

If you prefer to establish an entity to hold your real property for you, we can help you do that. Whether you want your LLC to own a property or would prefer to transfer it into a corporation’s ownership, Koontz & Associates will help you create your ideal entity ownership.

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Tax planning for your real estate is critical. If you need skilled tax planning assistance,e contact our team today. We’ve helped dozens of customers thrive in their tax planning, and we look forward to doing the same for you. Give us a call today to learn more.

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