The Koontz & Associates Difference

If you need an attorney, chances are you’re feeling vulnerable. After all, running into tax challenges, business struggles, or personal challenges isn’t comfortable for anyone. Here at Koontz & Associates, we understand precisely how stressful these situations can be, and our attorneys are here to guide you through it compassionately and skillfully.

We are committed to our clients, committed to our business, and committed to making a difference for and impact on everyone that we encounter. Most of our clients, past and present, love that we make them feel comfortable in situations that would otherwise be sensitive or tense. Most of our clients attributed that feeling of comfort to our integrity, and our dedication to always doing the right thing.

Our office is a harmony of real estate, business, and tax experience. We serve home buyers, sellers, realtors, business owners to individuals seeking tax preparation or relief, as well as clients with business and real estate law needs.

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