Why You Need an Attorney

Closing without an attorney can be an expensive lesson to learn.

Anyone who has bought a house knows that the closing is nerve racking. The status of the offer is in question. The title isn't as clean as you thought. The home inspection didn't reveal the family of rats in the attic. And the appraisal wasn't as high as everyone thought. This is the short list.

Your attorney is yours to prevent and fix problems that will reveal themselves. Here are some scenarios when an attorney becomes handy:

  • Conducting title search and issuing title insurance.
  • Reviewing the survey.
  • Ensuring the seller has a clean title on the property.
  • Discover hidden liens on a property such as from contractors, taxes or utilities. 

Peace of Mind

When buying property, peace of mind is as valuable as oxygen. You will likely be dealing with the personal issues with moving like figuring when and how you will physically move into the new property, painting, new furniture, renovations and more.

Your attorney will take care of the following:

  • Title
  • Inspection
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Surveys
  • Property usage

Your transaction may not be as clean and easy as it seems it should be.  An attorney will help you reveal the truth.



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